Brazilians traded over R$ 7 billion in Bitcoin and cryptomoedas in 1 month alone

Volume of cryptomorphs traded by Brazilians drops in September and reaches R$ 7 billion

The Brazilians trade more than R$ 7 billion in Bitcoin Future in the month of September according to data from the Brazilian IRS, informed by the exchanges of cryptoactives in compliance with the 1888 Normative Instruction.

Thus, according to data from the IRS, were negotiated R$ 7,174,945,888.62 in just one month.

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The result however not one of the best of the year and shows that the negotiations with cryptoactives retreated in September after a great high in July and August which registered a total of $ 15,426,472,227.85 and $ 12,046,353,830.92 respectively.

However, in September, the trading volume in national exchanges exceeded the use of platforms abroad, so, according to data from Revenue, Brazilians traded in national companies R$ 5,170,718,437.96 while in international companies R$ 518,497,668.00.


Still according to data from RFB the number of investors in cryptoactive retreated in September reaching 97,340 individuals while there were 3,232 companies buying and selling bitcoin and cryptomoedas in exchanges.

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Another important data is that the cryptoactive market is mainly male with only 10,64% of women against 89,36% of men trading cryptomites.

While women were responsible for around 16.26% of the total volume, men account for 83.74% of all cryptoactives traded.

Volume of XRP plummets

The IRS report also highlights that the volume of Ripple negotiations fell in Brazil.

Thus, the cryptoactive that had been competing with Bitcoin in trading volume and, often surpassing BTC in Brazil saw its volume plummet in September.

While in August about R$ 5,833,670,672 were traded in XRP in September this volume fell to R$ 44,642,056.76 behind not only Bitcoin but Ethereum and USDT.

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In addition, the XRP trading volume in September was the lowest in all the data reported in compliance with IN.

Bitcoin dominated the national market in September with R$ 3,221,390,351.30 traded.

However, even with the drop in XRP negotiations the cryptoactive still leads the negotiations in Brazil.